The most comprehensive solution to prove and authenticate identities.

A universal, proven identity that protects businesses and consumers from identity fraud.

Why We Do It

Every person’s identity deserves to be protected.

Every business deserves to know who their customers are. 

Patented Multi Factor Proven Identity Management Platform

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Q5id’s patented process features the most innovative technologies to prove the identities of individuals and dramatically reduces financial losses due to identity theft and fraud.

Easy and Frictionless

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Don’t sacrifice security for the sake of convenience.  Deliver world-class identity proofing while still converting customers fast.  Reduce account sign-up abandonment with a frictionless, one-time enrollment process.

One Platform to Prove and Authenticate Identities

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Q5id eliminates the need for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and the need to manage multiple platforms.  With Q5id, you get a platform that provides better protection than MFA and a single platform where you can prove and authenticate identities.

*Voice functionality coming soon 

Use Cases

Use Cases for Q5id

By enrolling your employees or customers into the Q5id patented identity proving system, you’re taking steps to reduce fraud in your business. 

These use cases are just a few of the situations we’ve helped our customers navigate and protect. 

Is your business looking for improved identity assurance for all the people in your system? Talk to us today about how enrolling with Q5id could be one way your business protects itself from identity fraud. 


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Remote Account Openings

Know Your Patient

Prevent SIM Swapping

Verify Online Test Taker Identities

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