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Once an identity is proven, secure and accurate authentication is essential.

Q5id Facial Recognition

Accuracy When It Matters Most

Often overlooked, accurately verifying identities to ensure they are who they claim to be is one of the simplest ways to minimize the risk of phishing and credential theft.

By using biometrics, an incredibly challenging medium to spoof or hack, your organization can stop would-be hackers in their tracks before they gain access to your system and wreak havoc.


Secure Access

With Q5id, you no longer have to rely on usernames and passwords for the authentication step. Instead, biometrics accurately and quickly verify identity – meaning no more password resets, no more phishing, and secure system access with anything integrated with Q5id.

Reduce User Friction

One of the biggest obstacles to user adoption of new technologies, such as passwordless authentication, is the friction involved in the setup and learning of the new process.

With Q5id, the enrollment process takes less than 3 minutes, and users can easily access systems with a simple face or palm scan once enrolled. It’s faster than a password and immensely more secure.


Improved User Experience

Your employees and customers alike will feel more confident and secure knowing their data is protected by biometric authentication.

With any system you’ve integrated Q5id into, users securely log in with face or palm scans. You could also require authentication for particularly sensitive or high-stakes actions, such as money transfers or high-level admin access.

By securing your systems with advanced technology, your users – whether internal or externally facing – will feel more secure with your organization.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

By using biometric authentication, you’re able to confidently meet nearly all KYC requirements for verifying that a given user is who they claim to be. In order to even enter the system, a user must prove their identity by enrolling through Q5id – keeping your business and your users secure.

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