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Well before the indictments by the US District Court in March of this year we had been working with industry leaders in the testing and proctoring industry, engaging a leading voice in Clarke Porter as an advisor to our company and incorporated the needs of this industry into the design of our solution.

The news breaking around leading public personalities and other individuals for their roles in bribing entrance administrators, examiners and varsity coaches for places at elite colleges for their children simply highlights the growing incidences of exam fraud in the US and the need for our solution.

The defendants in this case with high school children conspired with others to defraud other students from rightfully earned places at our elite colleges. These indictments, surprising in their boldness and conspiratorial nature would be greatly reduced with an identity solution that utilizes best in class biometrics authentication and verification methods at the outset of any college application or testing process.

Defendants sent their children to controlled testing centers where they could take the college SAT and a “third party” monitor during the exam and correct answers afterwards. Defendants also had others take tests on behalf of their children. In many cases, the students were unaware that their parents had arranged for this cheating.

A Q5id Proven Identity would give all our students a chance to get the places they deserve at a college of their choice. Combating ID fraud is an important topic that attracts a great deal of interest especially in proctoring. Exam boards want to be able to stand behind every test score they issue.  ID fraud presents a challenge even in an exam hall but its increasingly complex when using digital means of assessment, such as online testing.

Institutions wanting to use online proctoring need to assess their current ID solutions and build new offerings to protect the identity of their students’ such as biometric sign in at every test. A Q5id is the standalone ID that delivers the highest assurance of a proven identity enrollment for all our students.

We see a growing requirement to adopt proven identity standards in the proctoring industry that reduce cheating, financial fraud and identity theft.  By working with educators, testers, and students we can restore academic integrity by delivering a solution that supports honesty, trust, and accountability.


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