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Elon Musk famously tweeted recently that he wants to “authenticate all real humans” on Twitter. With a $44 billion deal apparently in place, he now can make this happen, as he brings a new era of transparency and social responsibility to a platform with 300 million users worldwide.

As he pursues his goals, we at Q5id want to let him know that Q5id provides the first-ever proven identity solution that authenticates “real humans” and proves who they say they are. Platforms such as Twitter can be sure their users have proven their identities, and individuals who sign up using Q5id can be sure their identities have not been stolen. Authenticated, proven identities work for everyone.

Elon’s remark also seems aimed at eliminating the morass of spambots and scams on Twitter, in pursuit of honest, transparent, free-for-all discussions of the issues of the day. But he has hit upon something even more profound than trying to rid Twitter of misinformation. He has, in fact, zeroed in on the Big Idea of putting individuals back in control of their own identities.

is focused on this idea. Enabling proven, authenticated identities that are managed by the people who create them is our mission. Identity theft, fraudulent transactions, and the need for organizations to meet KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) compliance are frequently cited as primary reasons for people to prove their identities, that is, to prove they are who they say they are. Authenticating “real humans” on Twitter is just one great way to put our products to use. In addition to the value Q5id can provide to authenticate users on social media, there is a vast world of ecommerce companies that need proven identities for their millions of customers as well.

Two Types of Freedom

Just as there is no free lunch, there is no free social-media platform or app. Elon’s tweet addresses his concerns about free expression; authenticated identity addresses equally urgent concerns about the nature of free services. In fact, commerce has trumped expression on the Internet and Worldwide Web, as they have evolved into more of a marketplace of products and services than a marketplace of ideas.

This in itself is not a bad thing, but ubiquitous ecommerce has created a culture in which individuals themselves have become the key product. We don’t own our identities. Instead, they are freely sold and distributed throughout the world.

We are just little pieces of large demographic patterns to commercial enterprises, and potential spies and criminals to governments, including our own. Authenticated, proven, trusted, self-managed identities address this disturbing reality head-on.

Our Proven Identity

Q5id is revolutionizing the way individuals can take back their identities, own and manage them. Commercial enterprises must begin leveraging our proven, self-managed identity platform to prove customers are who they say they are. Our solution is more beneficial than the welter of vulnerable customer lists they have today. We must also fight governmental policies and legislation that curbs individual privacy and freedom.

One good place to start, then, is with key social media platforms such as Twitter. Q5id’s Proven Identity app is the ideal way for him to be sure – to be absolutely sure – that Twitter users are who they say they are.

By requiring Q5id Proven Identity as a way for users to verify who they are, Elon will be able to lead the way in disrupting and reinventing the social media space, and Twitter can be the global bastion of social responsibility and free expression that he envisions. 

Elon, Call or Tweet us!  

We encourage Elon and his team to reach out to us anytime. Call us, email us, or even Tweet us @Q5idProvenID. We’ll be here.

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