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We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the digital Comply Summit 2021. Visit our virtual booth, where you’ll be able to schedule time with our experts to discuss your current identity proofing setup.

The Comply Summit will run for 3 days, starting with the first session on February 4th, a second on March 20th, and the third and final day on May 20th. This compliance, risk and regulatory technology conference  is expected to be a hub of various industry thought leaders connecting to discuss the latest in their arenas. The compliance landscape has shifted dramatically with the move to digital, and so compliance programs need to keep pace.

Q5id will be on hand to showcase our identity proofing and authentication technology as an efficient method of risk reduction. By proving who each customer or employee is as they enter the system, as well as authenticating with biometrics rather than an easy to steal username/password combination, organizations can reduce their potential for risk in a variety of ways.

By using biometric identity proofing, organizations can prevent fraudulent or synthetic identities from ever entering their systems, reducing risk of theft or future fraud. Biometric authentication ensures that once a given user (whether an employee or customer) has enrolled and proven their identity, only they can access the software or systems they are provisioned for. Q5id makes it simple to add multiple layers to your cybersecurity tactics, particularly NIST-recommended multi factor authentication. The Q5id difference is that your business can reap the benefits of multi factor authentication while keeping the login or approval process as simple as using FaceID or Windows Hello. Users can complete the login process using their mobile phone, ensuring that authentications take place out of band and making man in the middle attacks nearly impossible.

To learn more and discuss how Q5id’s proven identity technology could help your business, please schedule time with us through our booth at the Comply Summit 2021.

We can’t wait to see you there!


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