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More and more organizations are moving their operations online. Thanks to this development, it is now easier for businesses like contact and call centers to manage large volumes of customer data. In turn, such tools result in optimized efficiency for both the employee and the organization.

However, as technology continues to advance, so do the threats to contact and call centers. Apart from the financial and healthcare industries, cybercriminals can also target call centers. Fortunately, plenty of proven security methods, such as identity and access management solutions, can help you steer clear of privacy issues.

To help you secure your organization, this guide will list down 12 proven data security tips for your contact or call center.

12 Ways to Keep Your Database Safe

1: Restrict access and privileges from the document level

Document-level security means restricting the types of documents users have access to. More specifically, this protocol prevents certain people from accessing document-based APIs.

This form of layered security is essential to ensure that your sensitive data remains protected. In other cases, folder levels can vary to provide authorized accounts with easier access to several files at once.

2: Pairing strong password practices with multi-factor authentication

Using strong passwords makes it harder for cybercriminals to access your network. When paired with other forms of multi-factor authentication, security is further strengthened, even if these fraudsters acquired credentials to help them hack your system. 

3: Use identity proofing for secure and fast onboarding of new customers

Identity proofing is a common security measure that requires users to provide information associated with a particular account.

This method ensures that everyone undergoes the same verification process no matter what type of device they use. This is ideal for remote workers who need to access private information outside the office.

4: Optimize customer verification processes

Creating custom verification that optimizes user-friendly interfaces can make the access of information more efficient. A common way to avoid insider threats is to use identity proofing services.

5: Always keep security software and other tools up to date 

Updating the devices and software you use will help you secure your data. Updates include new and improved features that can have better compatibility with a wide range of devices, thus optimizing your work more efficiently.

6: Separate database servers 

By separating your database servers, you can protect specific data and remain unaffected by the information from other servers. At the same time, the isolated server cannot be stopped by overloaded processes, which allows you to run things smoother.

7: Establish an HTTPS proxy server

This security measure uses a digital certificate to secure your connections while validating web server identities. To put it simply, it is a type of content filler that identifies suspicious content such as spyware and malware.

8: Use a reliable VPN

VPNs can secure your internet connection by encrypting the information on your device and hiding your activity from cybercriminals. Through this tool, even your internet service provider cannot gain access to your online activity logs.

9: Use physical database security

Apart from securing your network online, you should also take the necessary physical precautions so that criminals cannot access your system. These measures include locking doors, setting up security checks for people entering your facilities, fingerprint scanning, etc.

10: Monitor your system in real-time

Keeping an eye on your system in real-time allows you to make quick decisions when a breach occurs. Simultaneously, doing so can help you prevent worst-case scenarios and limit the damage inflicted on your network.

11: Establish data encryption protocols

Data encryption allows you to keep sensitive data safe from cybercriminals by translating information into ciphertext. With this security measure, you can rest assured that only those with the right encryption key can access your information.

12: Partner with a company that provides identity and access management solutions

Partnering with reliable security service providers such as Q5id allows you to protect your data while improving your organization’s overall security. This can be done through abundant management solutions made to fit your requirements.

Fortified Security Against Cyber Threats

Contact and call centers are often one of many targets that cybercriminals love to steal valuable information from. Because of this, it is essential to know what type of possible threats could come your way.

Fortunately, partnering with a reliable service provider such as Q5id grants you access to identity and access management solutions that can help you fortify your business against threats. To know more about these services, get in touch with us today.


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