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Millions of people worldwide access the web for a multitude of reasons ranging from business, education, and leisure. But regardless of what your reason is for using the internet, online security is paramount.

Hackers and scammers have become serious threats and have caused incidents that have affected many businesses. One of the things you can do to secure your organization’s and clients’ online identity is through OpenID Connect (OIDC), allowing you to log into various online apps smoothly.

OIDC’s primary functions include minimizing password security risks, accelerating sign-up processes, giving greater control of your online identity, and creating a single primary account, allowing you to sign in to thousands of websites.

Six OpenID Connect Benefits That Are Yours for the Taking

The benefits of OIDC aim to enhance your online experience through convenience with its ease of use and better security based on its primary function. Its added security layer reinforces the assurance that your online activities are seamless and protected.

1. Speeds up the sign-up process

OIDC accelerates the process by storing profile information such as your name, birthday, and location and be used as a pre-populate in registration forms. 

There are many instances where you will be asked to fill out a registration form before creating an account. This is a staple process for several websites, which can be a tedious task to do because of its repetitive nature. OIDC eliminates this process as it automatically fills the blanks if you store your profile information through your OpenID.

2. Provides access across numerous tech platforms

Technology has progressed immensely to the point where it is seamlessly integrated into society, and the best example is social media’s role in daily life. The same can be said about authentication protocols like OpenID, where users can access it anywhere on multiple devices.

Whether it is on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or any other web device, OIDC securely supports federated authentication across these platforms.

3. Gives better control over your online identity

One of the vital aspects of securing your online identity is control over the information and data you provide. OpenID is a decentralized protocol, meaning there are no service providers, websites, or any governing entity that controls it.

It is up to your judgment how much personal information you want to share with websites that accept OpenID. Additionally, if your email or blog account is your primary online presence, OpenID allows you to use either of those accounts as your identity across the web.

4. Enables seamless scalability

One of the issues that many identity access management processes struggle with is the security of private networks because of how many users log in. Businesses and organizations need to resolve this matter quickly to avoid data/info leaks.

The easiest way to deal with this concern is to provide a multi-layered security approach, allowing authorization to be checked at the source as well as the user and device. Together with Oauth 2.0, OIDC supports this function to minimize unauthorized access to their applications.

5. Minimizes password security risks

One of the things that can be troublesome for online users is creating multiple accounts for different purposes. These require a specific username and password for a particular website or software. The issue here is that there are instances when people use the same password for different profiles.

This is an unsafe practice since hackers can easily gain access to the majority or even your whole digital life. Through OIDC, you’ll be allowed to use an existing account and use that as a primary account to log into other websites.

6. Allows smooth integration with other apps

A great benefit of using OpenID is its easy integration with basic apps. However, there is more to its seamless integration. OpenID has numerous features and security options to match specific requirements.

Depending on the needs of a business, there will be enterprise requirements that OIDC needs to match. But with the available options at its disposal, OIDC makes it easier to integrate and address these needs.

Paramount Security Online

These days, countless information and data run through the digital space because of people’s online behavior. This has made online security a must-have for everyone, regardless of purpose. Keep in mind that any activity on the internet exposes you to cyberattacks.

OIDC’s authentication and authorization protocols provide users a reliable tool to safely store their data while offering a seamless experience when logging in to use apps. It gives users the peace of mind they need when navigating in and out of their various digital accounts.


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