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Cloud-based is the future; not just for many technology services, but for authentication and identity proofing as well.

The reasons that identity verification is best handled via cloud-based third-party services are shared with the same ones that drive teams to seek to outsource or use cloud-based services in other departments: ease, speed, and quality of the service. While you can host your authentication services yourself, or build your own identity proofing and verification system…why would you, when there are businesses out there who specialize in all the things your business needs to operate?

That is the premise behind many cloud-based applications and services today and extends to identity proofing and access management.

What is “the cloud” when it comes to authentication and identity proofing?

The cloud is not, actually, floating in the air above our heads. What “the cloud” refers to is one or more servers that are located in a data center somewhere in the world. The simplest way to understand it is that the cloud just means whatever you’re running or accessing isn’t stored or running on your local machine(s), but instead on a server out in a data center or office somewhere.

This translates to your services or apps not necessarily being restricted to your local machines’ performance capabilities, but instead, what tier or level of server processing you have access to. That does mean that for improved performance, you need to pay for upgrades, but you’d have to do that for anything you run locally as well. The overhead for locally building, maintaining, and otherwise managing your local services – which you may only need small portions of – can make some services immensely cost-prohibitive.

Biometric-based identity proofing and authentication for system access is one such service that is prohibitive in expense for most businesses.

What does cloud-based identity proofing look like?

Your organization is likely one that could benefit from biometric-based identity proofing, and the authentication that is based on that original proven identity. Unfortunately, management is probably fine with how things work now because they’re used to it.

“What we have now is good enough,” is probably something you’re used to hearing. For many organizations, there’s no pressure to upgrade initial user intake or ongoing authentication unless something drastic happens. Data breaches, hacking, or ransomware attacks have a way of applying pressure to update systems that probably should have been updated before the incident occurred.

However, by relying on an identity proofing expert like Q5id, you can onboard new employees or new users with proven identities that then enable passwordless access to other key systems. In 3 minutes, new users to the system go through a guided enrollment process, which can have a background check added in.

Once users are enrolled, whether they’re your employees or customers, they can easily access systems or accounts with the same biometric data they used to enroll. Hidden behind how easily they can use their face, palm, or voice to log in is the immense improvement in cybersecurity – no username or password to steal via phishing, hacking, or data breaches.

What does cloud-based biometric authentication look like?

Once your users have had their identity proven, they can then use the enrolled biometrics to authenticate important transactions or log in to sensitive systems.

Rather than a username and password, using Q5id means your users can simply scan their face (or palm, or use a voice code) and gain secure access to the systems you have protected. No credentials to be stolen, no passwords to remember (or forget), and a way to log in and verify identities no matter what device or work station is being logged into.

The cloud-based aspect provides flexibility for users and businesses alike while also being significantly more secure. Reduce the risk of identity fraud, synthetic identity fraud, or data breaches through verified identities using biometrics for access.

If you’re interested in utilizing Q5id in your business, let’s talk! Reach out through to set up a time to discuss your business needs.


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