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When was the last time you hired a new employee without an interview? Probably never.

Even in special circumstances – say, a sales position based in a different city – you would still make an effort to talk to the prospect, over Skype or some kind of video chat. It’s human nature (not to mention good business practice) to want to meet the people we’re going to work with—to get to know them and determine if they will be a good fit for the position and the company, however we may choose to define that.

As a startup in growth mode, Q5id is in the middle of hiring lots of people. We can assure you that we’ve physically interviewed all of them.

In fact, a live video interview is something we take pretty seriously. It’s a key component of the Q5id Proven Identity Management platform, which utilizes eight-factor authentication to deliver the most robust process for proving an identity ever created.

This is the Q5id difference. We are the only company to:

  • Implement a live video interview to verify liveness.
  • Capture at least five biometric data points for the most stringent biometric authentication in the industry.
  • Use eight-factor authentication to prove a single identity.
  • Truly meet every customer, enabling financial services institutions to meet – and exceed – essential Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

Live Video Interview

The final enrollment step in our solution is a brief live interaction with a Q5id Adviser. After confirming the image on the video matches the ID and facial scans taken earlier in the process, the Q5id Adviser connects with the user via video, looking for blinking, spoken words or other signs of liveness. Subsequent authentications take just two to three seconds.

Six Biometric Data Point Captures

The Q5id solution captures one facial scan, two palm scans (one of each palm) and three voice recordings. No other authentication solution leveraging biometric data captures this many points.

Eight-Factor Authentication

Again, it doesn’t get more robust than this. In addition to the biometric captures, we conduct an ID scan, identity and fraud database assessments, device assessment, and a live video interview.

Other companies trumpet biometric liveness detection features, but none implement a live video interview, often citing concerns about the extra time required or perceptions of customer inconvenience.

As anyone who has ever waited in line to pass through airport security knows, security and convenience is a delicate balance that sometimes can slide too far in one direction. Adding 15 seconds or so to an enrollment process for a live interview is a small price to pay. If anything, the human interaction brings greater potential for a positive customer experience.

Surveys show that consumers want the latest security technology. Experian’s 2019 Global Identity and Fraud Report found that nearly three-quarters of consumers ranked security as the most important part of their online experience. Convenience was second.1

The best way to get to know someone is to meet them. Not through an algorithm. But an interview. By a real person. A Q5id is the only solution that offers the breadth of factors, including a live interview, required to truly prove an identity.

If you wouldn’t hire someone without a live interview first, then you probably shouldn’t give them a credit card without one, either.

 1 Experian, Security and Convenience: No Longer a Balancing Act, April 2019.


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