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Know Your Employee (KYE)

Q5id proves and authenticates potential candidates during the pre-employment process by going beyond standard ID verification. Be certain you know who you are hiring.

What is Know Your Employee (KYE)?

KYE is an employee proofing solution that protects your business, employees, customers, and reputation by proving who your potential employees are before you hire them.

The patented multi-step process incorporates verification measures that prove each person IS who they say they are. This does not replace employee background checks. It complements them.

The KYE Proven Identity process is fast and frictionless!

The demo video demonstrates how fast and frictionless the process of proving a potential job candidate’s identity is during the pre-employment process.

Add this simple step to your background check process to protect your organization and avoid future issues with fraud, data breaches, financial, and reputational risks.

We don’t just verify identities.
We prove them.

With today’s remote workforce, verifying an ID is not enough. KYE by Q5id goes beyond traditional ID verification by proving the identity of the person, not just verifying the provided ID.

The current identity verification process assumes when a person provides an ID it is the same person displayed on the ID.

The Cost of a Fraudulent Hire

The cost of a fraudulent hire is significantly more than the wages.

New hires gain access to an organization’s proprietary information exposing themselves to financial and reputational risks.

New hires will likely gain access to:
• Financial data
• Intellectual property (IP)
• Trade secrets
• Customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

This is especially relevant in today’s age of remote and work-from-home jobs where an organization may never meet the employee in person. In 2022, the FBI warned job applicants are using identity fraud when applying for remote positions.

By proving the identity of your employees before they are hired, you can help protect your organization, employees, customers,
and reputation.

Incredibly Easy Employee Verification Using KYE by Q5id

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Fast and Frictionless

Verification requests can be submitted in seconds. From the KYE Portal, simply enter the candidate’s name and email in the form and click Send Request. The candidate can complete the verification in less than three-minutes with the Q5id app and any smartphone.

Drawing of three screens: computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Device Agnostic

The KYE administrative portal can be accessed online from any computer or smartphone. KYE requests can be completed from any device with the Q5id Proven Identity app.

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No Annual Contracts

Our solution works for all sizes of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 firms. Q5id offers single use and monthly plans depending upon your needs.

Try it for FREE!

Seeing is believing which is why we are offering three free KYE verifications. Try KYE by Q5id and see how quick and easy it is to protect your company and prove the identities of your new hires.

How Q5id’s Technology Works

Cloud with servers.

Cloud-Based Authentication

No integration required. Both KYE requests and verifications are conducted via the cloud, eliminating IT costs, resources and integration time.

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Device Agnostic

KYE verification requests are completed with the free Q5id app. The KYE portal can be accessed with a computer or smartphone.

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Biometric Verification

The patented verification process uses face and palm biometrics. Palm biometrics are incorporated to create a Proven Identity for future authentications.

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Liveness Testing

Liveness testing detects identity fraud and the use of deepfakes and synthetic identities.

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Patented Solution

Q5id is the first company with a patent for an identity proofing solution that proves people are who they say they are.

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Industry Standards

We meet the standards of SOC2 Type 1, NIST 800-63-3, NIST IAL2, and NIST IAL3 (when requested).

KYE Pricing Packages

Prove your potential job candidates or current employees’ identities today with KYE by Q5id.
Choose one of the subscription packages below that best fit your needs. Subscriptions may be upgraded or cancelled at any time.

Free Trial


Proven Identity

requests for FREE

Special Offer | No Subscription


Proven Identity requests

$12.99 each

No Subscription Required


Proven Identity

requests per month


Additional requests only $12.99 each

Standard Subscription


Proven Identity

requests per month


Additional requests only $12.99 each

Classic Subscription


Proven Identity

requests per month


Additional requests only $12.99 each

Premium Subscription


Call for Quote

We offer custom packages for organizations requiring 20+ Proven Identity requests per month.

Enterprise Subscription

KYE Frequently Asked Questions

What is Know Your Employee (KYE)?

KYE is a fast and frictionless employee identity proofing solution created to protect your business, employees, customers, and reputation by proving the identity of your potential employees before you hire them. Our patented multi-step process incorporates verification measures that prove each person IS who they say they are. This does not replace background checks. It complements them.

What is the Q5id employee proofing process?

Q5id’s patented multi-step process incorporates verification measures that provide an identity proofing solution that proves each person IS who they say they are.

A verification request is sent in just a few clicks. Using the Know Your Employee KYE by Q5id portal, the user logs in, clicks the new request button, and enters the first and last name of the potential candidate along with their email address. The user then clicks “send” and the request is sent to the potential candidate/employee needing to be verified.

The candidate opens the email with a link to download the Q5id Proven Identity app, and then completes the verification using the app. This takes less than three minutes. If the candidate already has a Q5id Proven Identity, then they just do a quick authorization in seconds. During the verification, the user will scan their face, both palms, and their state or federal-issued ID. They will also enter a few biographical details, read a short phrase, and click submit to be verified.

Once the user has been verified and clicks “Accept”, the verification email confirmation is sent to the requestor stating the verification was completed along with the verification status. The KYE portal will also display the status of the verification request. With the positive verification, the employer can now be assured the person verified is who they claim to be and continue with their standard interview, background check and hiring process.

What is the difference between proving an identity and verifying an identity?

Our Proven Identity solution goes beyond traditional ID verification.

Traditional identity verification assumes when a person provides an ID, the ID is real and correct. IDs such as a driver’s license, social security card, or birth certificate can be verified, but this does not prove the person who presents the document is the person on the document.

Q5id uses a multi-step process that incorporates diverse authentication measures including ID verification and biometrics along with our IP, which together provides this proven identity. Our patented solution delivers the highest level of assurance that each person is who they say they are with a false acceptance rate of 1 in 933 billion.

What biometrics are collected when proving an identity?

When obtaining a Proven Identity as part of the KYE process, we will require:

  • Live face scan
  • Left and right palm scans
  • Live voice scan used for liveness testing

Our KYE solution, in part, can distinguish between a live face and palm to a photo or uploaded image. We can also distinguish between a live voice and a recorded voice. We do not keep these biometrics once we prove the identity. Face and palm biometrics are converted into a character string using a hashing algorithm and that algorithm cannot be reverse-engineered.

Will the enrollee's data ever be sold or shared?

No. Information gathered during the KYE process, such as biometrics and documentation are never sold or shared. Q5id is also compliant with CCPA, meaning that any user can request to have their profile and associated data removed.

What regulatory and industry standards does Q5id adhere to?

We meet the standards of SOC2 Type 1, NIST 800-63-3, NIST IAL2, and NIST IAL3 (when requested).

How do we protect your information?

Data, such as name, address, email, and phone number are encrypted and saved. We do not store a user’s facial or palm data unless required. Face and palm biometrics are converted into a character string using a hashing algorithm. That algorithm cannot be reverse-engineered. Images may be stored when required by law or regulations specific to a given business. Any images we store are secured in a data vault.

We are device agnostic. What does that mean?

When completing the verification, the process can be done on any mobile device with the Q5id app. Our verifications, along with the obtained Proven Identities, are never tied to any device. They are tied only to the individual person. This is especially helpful in reducing friction for verifications with no loss in security.

How long does the KYE proofing process take?

The entire proofing and verification process is fast and frictionless and takes less than three minutes. If the person doing the verification already has a Q5id Proven Identity, then the process requires a quick authentication that takes only seconds.

What is required in the KYE process by the person being verified?

To complete a KYE request, the candidate receiving the request is required to provide the following to complete the verification:

  • One of the following U.S. issued IDs:
    • Their state-issued driver’s license
    • Their state-issued identification card
    • Their U.S. passport
    • Their U.S. passport card
  • A smartphone
  • Ability to download the Q5id app to complete the verification.
  • The app will guide them through the verification process:
    • Conduct a scan of their face, palms, and ID.
    • Enter biographical information (most will be automatically populated from their ID).
    • Record a short phrase within the app.

Our app will verify their identity and provide you the results.  The entire verification process takes less than three minutes.

Employer user

How-to Guide KYE

A step-by-step how-to guide for employers as a PDF resource. Go to Guide.

Employer user

Job Candidate How-to Verify Your Identity

A step-by-step how-to guide for job candidates as a PDF resource. Go to Guide.

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