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Cost of Account Takeover

Detailed report on impact and cost of account takeovers across multiple industries.

Security Risks

Account takeovers can be a serious cybersecurity risk in the form of exposed data.

Erodes Trust

Account takeovers harm your reputation and your customers’ user experience.

Time Consuming

Restoring an account requires input from multiple teams, taking time away from other productive work.

Lower Customer Retention

Account takeovers can be a serious cybersecurity risk in the form of exposed data.Account takeovers are costly in more than one way; lost revenue from lower customer retention adds up.

Costly Impact

Account takeovers cost thousands of dollars to resolve on average.

Gaps in Security

Most companies have cybersecurity strategies, but still experience takeovers.

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Account takeovers pose a significant risk to any organization. Understanding how others in, and out of, the technology space are experiencing and reacting to threats from takeovers helps us to understand the needs of our clients to help them deal with them. With the risk of account takeovers likely to increase in 2022, having a plan to prevent and react to takeovers is critical to business success in the modern era.

Jason NewbyProduct Manager, Q5id

Account Takeovers are one of the most common forms of identity theft.

A single account takeover can expose a significant amount of your internal networks and systems to a bad actor. Learn more about what technology executives expect in 2022 when it comes to account takeovers and their potential impact on their organizations.

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