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Industries Served

Q5id provides identity proofing and authentication services for a range of industries. Our tools help businesses all over the US, and the globe, reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Financial Services

Validate your customer’s identity when opening accounts and conducting transactions.


Activate accounts and prevent fraud, such as SIM swapping.


Protect patient data and records.

Higher Education

Prevent financial aid fraud and online test cheating.

Life Sciences

Clinical trials and studies require a high level of identity assurance to be sure of results.

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We can work with your team to create a fully customized implementation to meet your unique business needs. Interested in learning more?

Financial Services

Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention for Financial Services

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Risk Mitigation

Face to face banking has been replaced almost entirely with mobile or online banking. This increases the threat surface for fraud, account takeovers, synthetic identities, and more. We help mitigate this risk.

Seamless Integration

One of the most common ways that fraudsters take over accounts is at the customer level. Financial institutions therefore need to ensure their control measures span across channels as well as products, seamlessly integrating with existing applications and uses.

Scale and Versatility

Due to COVID-19, an estimated 70% of workers in the financial industry have been doing their jobs remotely. Shifting organizations into full remote-working operations exposes new vulnerabilities, often with costly price tags if a breach occurs. An identity platform that can scale to the size of your workforce, as well as be used in a range of situations, is essential.

Higher Education and Online Testing

Protecting higher education institutions as well as industry certification providers against student identity fraud.

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People-centric, student-friendly

To reduce the risk that institutions face across a range of devices, channels, and access methods, it is essential to embrace a holistic approach to cybersecurity. A people-centric approach that enables individual users’ authentication to be the first line of defense makes a secured system easy.

Regulatory Compliance

The reality is that if a data protection regulation exists, it probably applies to higher education. They have a wide range of data, including that related to financial aid, donations, research, inventions, and intellectual property. Compliance with regulations as well as insuring that no costly data breaches occur is a primary concern of many IT and risk management teams.

Fill Vulnerability Gaps

With dozens or hundreds of remote students and exam takers, higher education and certification providers have an equal number (or more) of potentially risky access points into their network. Identity proofing helps fill in the gaps that are generated from so many users accessing systems remotely and from personal devices.


Q5id simplifies account onboarding for new and remote accounts without sacrificing security. Our one-time enrollment process takes as little as 3 minutes, creating a proven Q5id that unlocks an array of future interactions in seconds.

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Reduced Identity Fraud Risk

Security and risk management leaders are constantly challenged with orchestrating identity proofing protocols. Utilizing Q5id for secure identity proofing and authentication ensures that the people accessing accounts are exactly who they are supposed to be.

Artificial Intelligence

While AI makes the telecoms industry more efficient, it also opens up increased risk. Gating access to AI settings with a Q5id for authentication ensures that hackers can’t steal credentials and wreak havoc.

IOT Integration

Many IOT devices, from those in your home to those hospitals, have not been built with security as a crucial element. The access to these devices and their connected networks are a prime target for hackers, which also makes them prime candidates for protection with a biometrically secured Q5id.

Life Science and Biotech

Strengthening patient identity and data protection for clinical research organizations.

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Proven Participant Identity

Ensure that participants are who they say they are, preventing multiple trial enrollments that can taint trial data and cost millions of dollars or years of research.

Secure Research and Trial Data

In clinical research, cybersecurity risks pose a severe cost, which is far higher than in other industries. If cybercriminals find unprotected gateways, they can steal data before the effectiveness of a treatment or drug is substantiated. These incidents can cause unprecedented harm leading to significant losses for the sponsors, researchers, and other stakeholders involved in life science research.

Consistent Results for Trial Duration

With many life science trials running over 72 months and involving thousands of patients around the world, it is important to verify and authenticate participants in every phase of the trial. This process helps protect against cyber criminals by closing an important gateway and safeguards the integrity over the entire course of the trial – from beginning to end.


Provide unparalled security and ease of use with a Q5id – allowing you to verify patient identities for secure sharing of patient information with only the people who need to see it.

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Highly Scalable

No matter how many patients or employees you have, Q5id is able to easily scale up to your use case and needs. Secure access is as easy as a 3 minute enrollment with the app.

Kaizen / LEAN Methodology Friendly

Regulatory, legal, and compliance departments are all being forced to try and do more with less in the age of COVID-19. By utilizing the improvements in streamlined authentication to key systems, your heathcare facility can benefit from continuous improvement even when it comes to logins.

Zero Trust

With healthcare as such a prime target for cybercrime in recent months, implementing zero trust through your digital environment is essential. Using a Q5id proven identity to authenticate access makes it easy to operate in a zero trust environment throughout your system.


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