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Higher Education

Streamline remote proctoring and verify student identity to counter exam fraud using our patented identity proofing and verification technology.

Q5id Facial Recognition

Protecting higher education institutions against student identity fraud.

Students committing identity fraud to take exams is nothing new. What is new are the increasingly creative ways that students are utilizing to bypass anti-cheating measures. Whether it’s for college degrees or continuing education, you can easily verify identity remotely or in person with a Q5id.

Preventing Financial Aid Fraud

Cheating on tests isn’t the only issue that higher education institutions face as a result of identity fraud. When financial aid systems are abused, it’s not just money being stolen – it’s the future of other students who could have used that aid.

Ensure funds go to who they’re supposed to by relying on the proven identity of a Q5id.


Protect sensitive information while providing easy access

Comply with all rules and regulations around protecting personal information while also making it easy for students and appropriate admins to see what they need to see. Q5id verifies the identity of the users being entered into the system, and then only allows the proven, authenticated individual to access their information.

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