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Strengthening patient identity and data protection for clinical research organizations. Preserve your data integrity by preventing fraudulent signups. 

Simple remote onboarding

Q5id simplifies remote onboarding without sacrificing security. This one-time signup process takes as little as 3 minutes and creates a proven Q5id that unlocks an unlimited array of future interactions in less than 3 seconds. 

Cybersecurity in a digital health world

The benefits of digital health can be found in nearly every corner of healthcare, including clinical trials. Yet, it can also introduce new cyber risks to the entire cast of participants, triggering false positives/negative data that could taint an entire trial. The result can be the loss of years of research, millions of dollars, and often a decreased competitive advantage.

Clinical Trials are prime targets for fraud

In clinical research, cybersecurity risks pose a severe cost, which is far higher than in other industries. If cybercriminals find unprotected gateways, they can steal data before the effectiveness of a treatment or drug is substantiated. These incidents can cause unprecedented harm leading to significant losses for the sponsors, researchers, and other stakeholders involved in life science research.

Protection for the entire trial, at any phase

With many life science trials running over 72 months and involving thousands of patients around the world, it is important to verify and authenticate participants in every phase of the trial. This process helps protect against cyber criminals by closing an important gateway and safeguards the integrity over the entire course of the trial – from beginning to end.

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While clinical trials face many of the same challenges, no two are alike (that’s the point, isn’t it?).  If you need to find out more about our integrations or documentation, please click the button below to set up time with our team.

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