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A proven identity with Q5id prevents multiple forms of identity fraud or theft, such as SIM swapping, credential theft, and more.

Q5id Facial Recognition

Make front line fraud prevention the default

The greatest area of risk is your front line support staff – the people interfacing with hundreds of customers a day. Make it easy for them to verify the identity of someone requesting sensitive account information by relying on a Q5id to authenticate access.

Not only does this make it virtually impossible to successfully SIM-swap someone’s phone, but it improves your customer’s experience by providing a simple way to access and approve account changes.


Mitigate Risk

Security and risk management leaders are challenging with orchestrating identity proofing protocols. For telecoms, this is no easy task given the shortage of qualified security workers. Not only are their companies prime targets for state-sponsored hackers and bad actors looking for access to leased infrastructure equipment, but also access to home routers. Equipment at home can be used to steal data, launch other attacks anonymously, store exfiltrated data, or access expensive services such as international phone calls.

IoT Integration

From medical devices to home automation or cloud-based services, the Internet of Things is helping consumers and businesses alike better manage their lives and organizations. With that increased connectivity comes increased risk, as many IoT devices are built with almost no security features, making them easy gateways for attackers to gain access to entire networks.

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