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The future of identity proofing is here and we're creating it.

First-Ever Proven Identity Solution

Identity fraud losses

Identity fraud losses are costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars and companies are spending billions of dollars to mitigate their losses, yet fraud continues to grow exponentially.

Identity management

Q5iD is revolutionizing identity management. An individual’s identity should never be assumed, it should be proven. Our patented IP (intellectual property), leveraging AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and biometrics, proves an individual is who they say they are.

Our vision

Our vision is to change how the world works. In this new world, people take back control of their individual identities. Fraud is significantly reduced, risk is mitigated and identity theft disappears. Companies now know who their customers are.

Proven identity

Proven, trusted, biometrically secure, self-managed individual identity is the future, and we are delivering it now.

If you would like the watch the full length investor video please click here.

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