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Patented, multi-factor proven identity management platform offers clinical research organizations (CROs) a way to improve the integrity of clinical trials.

BEAVERTON, OREGON.  September 17, 2020 – Q5id, the leader in Proven Identity Management, and Conduct Clinical Trials (CCT), a leading network of clinical trial research sites, today announced their partnership to deliver a proven identity management solution to maintain the integrity of clinical trials and prevent participants from joining more than one trial at a time.

CCT has the largest alliance of clinical trial research sites in North America. Its Investigator Site Network (ISN) consists of more than 900,000 active patients and 800 board-certified physicians.  CCT is a leader in using technology to enhance clinical trials and even offers completely virtual trials with its Direct to Patient® integrated platform.  The partnership with Q5id further strengthens its identity verification to protect against fraudulent participation in multiple studies.

“COVID19 has accelerated the adoption of decentralized clinical trials by at least 5 years. Siteless trials offer great promise for bringing clinical trials to a diversified patient population.  However, there are risks with breaking the integrity of the physician-patient relationship.  Verifying patient identity and ensuring patients don’t enroll in multiple clinical trials are crucial when conducting decentralized trials,” said CCT CEO Michelle Alex, DPM. “Clinical Trials are too important and expensive to risk having patients that are not verified.”

Q5id’s patented proven identity platform delivers the most robust multifactor biometric enrollment and authentication platform to prove and authenticate identities. Q5id is the only company to include a live video interview along with multiple biometric captures to prove liveness and identities.

“Q5id is proud to partner with CCT to deliver the Life Sciences sector the best identity proofing available,” said Q5id CEO and Founder Steve Larson. “Q5id and CCT will give clinical research organizations a best in class way to prove the identity of participants in clinical trials and maintain the integrity of those trials.”

Q5id’s Proven Identity Management platform empowers identity authentication for virtually any transaction in less than three seconds.  Q5id’s one-time enrollment process takes less than three minutes to definitively prove a person’s identity.

About Q5id

Q5id’s mission is to provide consumers and businesses with the most robust Proven Identity Management solution available. Through a comprehensive, powerful and frictionless biometric enrollment and authentication process, Q5id meets every customer and proves their digital identity is secure, preventing identity theft and fraud. Founded in 2019, Q5id is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Visit

About CCT

Conduct Clinical Trials (CCT) is a high-performing Investigator Site Network (ISN), consisting of more than 900,000 active patients and 800 board-certified physicians who lead care in a broad spectrum of specialties.  Founded in 2011, CCT is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Visit


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