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October 25, 2022 – Hillsboro, OR – Q5id, Inc. has announced a new agreement with SecurTest, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks with its patented iReviewNow process and employment and education verifications. The agreement will deliver access to Q5id’s patented Proven Identity (KYE) Know Your Employee solution through SecurTest’s technology.    

Know Your Employee (KYE) by Q5id offers an additional layer of protection for employers to verify identities of potential candidates before a background check is conducted, eliminating the expense of running background checks on fraudulent actors. With occupational fraud on the rise, costing U.S companies an average of $8,300 per month, KYE proves the potential hire is who they say they are.    

“We look forward to our new partnership with SecurTesta leading background screening institutionbringing the benefits of proven identity to their thousands of existing U.S. clients,” says Q5id CEO Steve Larson. “We also look forward to supporting SecurTest’s efforts to verify the identities of expatriates in foreign countries. This is an ideal entry point for introducing Proven Identity into the global marketplace. Identity can never be assumed; it must be proven.”   

Founded in 1978, SecurTest has established a new industry standard for background screening and FCRA compliance with its triple-patented iReviewNow. As a result, SecurTest is relied on by various branches of the U.S. government to perform background investigations. In addition, banks, international schools, small to mid-size employers, and Fortune 500 companies depend on SecurTest daily. 

“Our agreement with Q5id and its Proven Identity platform enhance our industry-leading background check process by providing verified, proven identities. We believe this partnership with Q5id will provide us a sustained competitive advantage that will redefine the background check process across the globe,” says Steven C. Millwee, CPP President and CEO, SecurTest. “Moreover, the combination of the patented Q5id and patented iReviewNow by SecurTest creates a one-of-a-kind background screening program that protects candidates and clients from identity fraud.”  

KYE by Q5id will help protect SecurTest’s clients from intellectual property (IP) theft and loss of trade secrets, customer attrition, and irreparable damage to a company’s brand and reputation. Q5id’s Proven Identity solution offers the most robust, frictionless customer experience available on the market, authenticating identities in a matter of seconds. 

About SecurTest

Since 1978, SecurTest has been the leading global provider of accurate background reports and biographical questionnaires, giving employers the facts they need to make wise hiring choices. iReviewNow helps identify quality applicants, employees, vendors, government clearances, and consumers while assisting companies in mitigating risks and navigate challenging EEOC and FCRA regulations. For more information on SecurTest or iReviewNow, please visit or call 800-445-8001.

About Q5id  

Q5id is the world leader in proven, authenticated, trusted, secure, self-managed individual identity. Our vision is to change how the world works. In this new world, people take back control of their individual identities. Identity theft disappears, and companies know their customers as never before. Proven, authenticated, trusted, secure, self-managed individual identity is the future, and we are delivering it today. Learn more:


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