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June 21, 2022 – Hillsboro, Ore.Q5id Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with the Washington Bankers Association (WBA) to introduce the patented Q5id Proven Identity (PID) solution through the WBA’s extensive network of associations and industry partnerships to regional markets across the United States. 

Q5id has developed the world’s first proven identity solution. The company has integrated biometrics into stepped-up authentication, eliminating the impact of fraud, identity theft and data breaches. Q5id PID provides individuals with one and only one, universal identity that proves with the highest level of assurance that they are who they say they are. The company’s revolutionary approach puts identity management back into the hands of individuals. 

“We are working closely with the WBA and look forward to our new partnership bringing the benefits of proven identity to the financial-services companies the WBA serves. Identity can never be assumed; it must be proven,” said Q5id CEO Steve Larson.

Q5id recently made a presentation at the 2022 Virtual Financial Technology & Security Conference, hosted by the WBA, about the need for integrating biometrics into multi-factor authentication methods. The company will make additional presentations at several other events hosted by the WBA in coming months.  

WBA COO Duncan Taylor noted, “With the ability to prove identities across any mobile device or tablet, Q5id’s technology offers our members – and more critically, their customers – new levels of assurance in stopping identity theft and other fraudulent activities.”

Q5id’s technology provides customers with a uniquely convenient and secure way to create accounts, in addition to peace-of-mind in knowing that they are the only person who can perform transactions with their account. Q5id’s Proven Identity Solution offers the most robust, frictionless customer experience available on the market, authenticating identities in a matter of seconds. 


About Q5id 

Q5id is the world leader in proven, patented, authenticated, trusted, secure, self-managed individual identity. Our vision is to change how the world works, creating an environment in which people take back control of their individual identities. The Q5id Proven Identity eliminates the impact of fraud, identity theft and data breaches by providing individuals with one and only one, universal identity that proves with the highest level of assurance that they are who they say they are. Proven identity is the future, and we deliver it today. 

About WBA 

The Washington Bankers Association leads the banking industry as a premier provider of advocacy, education, and products and services. For more than 130 years, the WBA has been actively involved in shaping the legislative issues that impact the success of Washington’s banks. WBA’s comprehensive educational offerings are available in various formats to make training as convenient, timely, and cost-effective as possible. WBA supports our members’ missions, connecting, promoting, and amplifying their philanthropic efforts. 


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