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BEAVERTON, OREGON. JANUARY 22, 2020 – As data breaches and identity fraud continue at frightening levels, a new technology solution delivers multiple levels of unprecedented security to prove identities. Q5id has launched its all-new multifactor enrollment solution, establishing an industry segment called Proven Identity Management (PIM).

Q5id is the only company that truly PROVES identities; theirs is the only solution that includes a live video interview to prove liveness; the only solution that offers the breadth of factors required to truly prove an identity. Many providers use one or two of the factors but none puts together the end-to-end solution that Q5id does.

“Proving an identity requires a move away from what a person knows or has, to who a person is,” says Q5id CEO and Founder Steve Larson. “It starts with a paradigm shift. Current methodologies are not enough. A person’s digital identity deserves to be protected and proven. The Proven Identity Management segment embraces a new reality to protect businesses and consumers and delivers a true win-win to both audiences.”

Q5id leads the way in proving and securing identities in both thought (the paradigm shift) and technology (with a solution that out-classes all others).

Q5id’s Proven Identity Management empowers identity authentication for virtually any transaction in less than three seconds after a one-time enrollment process that definitively proves the person’s identity, using:

Eight-Factor Authentication – The most robust process for proving an identity ever created; even two-factor authentication today is out-of-date and unable to prevent fraud. This includes—at a minimum—facial biometric scan with liveness detection, scans of both palms, three voice recordings, ID scan, identity and fraud database assessments, device assessment, and a live video interview. KBAs (knowledge-based assessments) may be utilized if gaps or flags are identified. The cumulative effect of this combination allows an identity to be proven to near certainty – and to a level far greater than with any other solution. There can only be one of any identity in the Q5id system. Once a person has enrolled, their identity record cannot be replicated in the system.

Live Video Interview – Only Q5id verifies “liveness” through a live interaction. The final enrollment step is a brief (15-30 second) video interview with a Q5id adviser. The Q5id adviser verifies the person has successfully completed all steps in the process thus far and then connects via video to the person. The Q5id adviser looks for signs of liveness (e.g. blinking, words spoken) and confirms the image on the video matches the ID and facial scans taken earlier in the process.

Multiple Biometric Captures – The Q5id solution captures at least five biometric data points for the most stringent biometric authentication: 1 facial scan, 2 palm scans (one of each palm) and 3 voice recordings. As technology evolves to allow infrared capabilities, the solution may expand to include palm vein scans or other data points. No other solution leveraging biometric data captures this many points.

Active Voice Authentication (vs. Passive) – Active voice authentication confirms an identity when a known phrase is repeated multiple times during enrollment. Passive voice authentication provides some confidence in an identity (but cannot confirm it) when an unknown phrase is said once. The Q5id solution uses active authentication but can also offer passive voice authentication if desired by customers for lower risk uses cases.

Low Friction, Highest Protection – Q5id ensures the highest level of identity verification available in a fast, easy-to-use process. The enrollment process is conveniently performed on a mobile device or computer and takes as little 2 to 3 minutes with subsequent re-authentications (typically requiring just a face and one palm image) taking just a few seconds.

Proving Identities, Not Authenticating Accounts or Data – Existing methods for “verifying” or “authenticating” identities or account access rely on what people know (e.g. usernames, SSNs) and/or what people have (e.g. driver’s license, special code)—both easily stolen or replicated. The Q5id enrollment process incorporates what a person knows, what a person has and adds who a person is. After an identity has been proven, the Q5id solution relies on who a person is—something that cannot be stolen or replicated—to authenticate them for future interactions or transactions.

About Q5id

Q5id’s mission is to provide consumers and businesses with the most robust Proven Identity Management platform available. Through a comprehensive, powerful and frictionless biometric enrollment and authentication process, Q5id meets every customer and proves their digital identity is secure, preventing identity theft and fraud. Founded in 2019, Q5id is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Visit


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