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A Fundamental Guide to Deepfakes: How It Works, Use Cases, and More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Q5id store personal and biometric data?

Data, such as name, address, email, and phone number are encrypted and saved. Unless required, biometrics are not stored. Biometrics are converted into a character string using a hashing algorithm that cannot be reverse-engineered. 

Images may be stored when required by law or regulations specific to a given business. Any images we do store are secured in a data vault.

Q5id Privacy Policy

Why does Q5id require multiple biometrics to prove identity?

Q5id prides itself on being the most comprehensive identity proofing and authentication solution available. Proving your identity with Q5id involves multiple biometric measurements. Using multiple biometrics ensures it is nearly impossible for someone to hack. Our solution can detect deepfake spoofing, use of synthetics, fake ID’s, and even the use of general ID theft. This provides consumers and businesses with industry leading protection against identity theft and fraud. 

A facial scan is used to verify you against your government-issued ID, while palm scans are used for future verification. Liveness is confirmed through a quick recording of voice biometrics while simultaneously capturing a short video, or in some cases, through a quick video call with a live agent. 

Q5id uses a combination of biometric measurements to ensure that the user proving their identity matches the provided government-issued ID. Once your identity has been proven, the biometric measurements are used to ensure that the person trying to authenticate is truly who they claim to be.

Will collected data ever be sold or shared?


Information gathered during the onboarding process, such as biometrics, personal data, and documentation are never sold or shared.

Can I delete my Proven Identity account?

Q5id is compliant with CCPA and GDPR, meaning that any user can request their profile and associated data removed. 

Contact us at to request your information be deleted.

Can I use Q5id services with my company’s app instead of the Q5id app?

Yes. Q5id provides a variety of ways for companies to utilize Q5id’s identity proofing and authentication services. 

Contact to determine the best solution for your company’s needs.

How comprehensive is Q5id’s verification search?

When authenticating a profile, Q5id accesses a repository of rich data of more than 45 billion records, including state licensing bureaus, courthouses, college directories, utilities and over 10,000 other sources.

What countries does Q5id support?

Q5id has the ability to provide our services in nearly every country.  

Please contact to discuss your international needs.

Does Q5id adhere to regulatory compliances and industry standards?

Absolutely. Q5id is compliant with vertical industry requirements such as KYC and AML, as well as regulatory compliance with CCPA, and GDPR.

Q5id has also been independently certified as SOC2 Type I compliant.

Can an individual have more than one Proven Identity with Q5id?

No. Each person only has one identity, so each person only has one Proven Identity.

If an individual wants to use their Q5id Proven Identity with more than one company, do they have to prove their identity multiple times?

No. Proving your identity only needs to be completed one time. 

Once proven, your identity can be used to authenticate transactions with an unlimited number of companies based on their identity requirement.

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