Our Technology

The most comprehensive solution for proving and authenticating secure identities. 

Cloud-Based Authentication

The flexibility of the cloud with the security of biometrics – protect your business no matter where your  users are.

Identity Proofing

Ensure that people are who they say they are, especially while remote. Suitable for new employees, customers, or even higher ed students. 

Biometric Verification

Our patented verification process utilizes multiple biometrics to guard against credential theft and identity spoofing.

Easy Mobile App

Q5id works with a simple, easy to use mobile app that allows your users to enroll and authenticate securely no matter where they are, complete with step by step directions.

Prevent Identity Fraud

Proven identities insure your business against fraudulent activities conducting using stolen credentials or breaches in system security. 

Know Your Customer

Quickly and accurately verify the identity of your employees and customers, reducing cybersecurity risk and securing your business. 


Enrollment is Fast and Easy

Enrolling is easy and takes less than 3 minutes.

Q5id Facial Recognition

Facial Biometrics 

A capture of facial biometric data is taken, with the face biometrics used in digital onboarding to reference users against their ID documents. 

Q5id Palm Scan

Palm Biometrics

Using the camera built-in to nearly every mobile phone available today, users scan in their palm biometrics for later use in authentication. 

Q5id ID Scan

ID Verification

Q5id can detect fake IDs. Optical character recognition (OCR) along with barcode decryption extract biographic data to quickly and accurately pre-populate forms to simplify the identity proofing process. 

Q5id Fraud Scan

Fraud Screening

The Q5id platform checks the world’s largest electronic database for legal and public records. Q5id also validates the device signature and does a geolocation check.

Q5id Patented Phone Screen

Live Interview

Q5id is the only platform that uses a live video interview to validate liveness. The adviser has access to applicant knowledge-based answers (KBA) and photo correlation results. 

Enrollment takes just minutes.

In less than 3 minutes, your customers and employees can have a Q5id proven identity to make countless secure transactions – fully protected from identity theft and fraud.

Benefits of Enrollment include:

Reduced Risk of Identity Fraud

Businesses relying on Q5id for proving and authenticating the identities of their customers and employees protect their data, systems, and transactions from fraudulent activity. Only proven identities are able to enroll in our system, preventing stolen identities or credentials from gaining illegitimate access to your sensitive business data. 

Even if information has been exposed in a data breach, or someone has stolen a driver’s license or government ID, the Q5id enrollment and authentication process prevents successful use of a stolen identity for fraudulent activity.

No Username or Password Needed

With a Q5id, your identity is verified through biometric data that cannot be spoofed or stolen – your face and palm images. By using advanced 1:n searching algorithms, we can verify your identity without ever needing information more personal than your profile picture on a social media account. 

No additional devices required

The entire Q5id enrollment and ongoing authentication process can be conducted entirely on a mobile phone. As long as your phone has a camera, you can use Q5id. 

Touchless means sanitary

Reduce exposure to shared devices or payment portals with the use of Q5id – by authenticating and authorizing on an individual’s personal device, they can reduce their exposure to shared surfaces and disease risk. 

Sanitary, safe, and fast: Q5id. 

Simplified identity management

A single, proven identity you can use for transactions across multiple industries and businesses. Enroll once and use anywhere Q5id is accepted. 

Patented system for transaction protection

All transactions utilizing the Q5id platform are safe and secure, backed by our patented system. 

easy to enroll

*Voice functionality coming soon


Authenticate in Seconds

Authenticate your customers or employees with our fast, frictionless process

Businesses using Q5id to authenticate transactions can truly confirm the identity of their customers, avoiding costly financial losses and fines from identity theft and fraud. 
Q5id Authentication

Step 1

The business or system being accessed sends a push notification to the user’s phone, requesting authentication. 

Q5id Authentication

Step 2

The user authenticating uses the Q5id app to complete a quick scan of their face and one palm to gain access. These scans are compared against the previously enrolled biometrics to ensure the data matches. 

Q5id Biometric Authentication

Step 3

Within seconds, the authentication results are returned. Legitimate users gain access, while fraudulent ones are rejected. Accounts and sensitive business systems are protected.

Q5id protects the identity of consumers and prevents identity theft and fraud. By using Q5id, businesses can dramatically reduce losses attributed to these common and costly forms of cybercrime. 

How Your Data is Secured 

While requiring biometric authentication and identity proofing helps secure the systems you’re accessing, what happens with the data you’ve provided in the first place? We’ve carefully considered this, and secure your data in a few key ways. 

Encrypted Storage

Any data in our databases is encrypted, ensuring that it can’t be stolen or misused. Even if it was, the encryption is such that no usable data can be recovered. 

If your organization needs to know which encryption methods are used, please email us at contact@q5id.com

SOC 2 Compliant

Our organizational security is such that we are currently SOC 2, Type 1 compliant, with SOC 2 Type 2 expected Q3.

This means that our standard practices and documentation are designed with your data protection and privacy in mind, and as the primary consideration for how we do business. The summary report is available for organizations ready to evaluate the Q5id Proven Identity Platform for their enterprise identity proofing needs.

SOC 2 compliant

Simplified identity management

A single, proven identity you can use for transactions across multiple industries and businesses. Enroll once and use anywhere Q5id is accepted. 

Patented system for transaction protection

All transactions utilizing the Q5id platform are safe and secure, backed by our patented system. 

Q5id app security

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